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Products & Prices

* Scroll down to see Hawaii pricing
** Prices and shipping charges subject to change dependent on location.
*** Any additional sashes beyond chair covers ordered are subject to additional charges.

Rental (does NOT apply to Hawaii):   Wholesale:
*Polyester Chair Covers $2.00
*Satin Silk Chair Covers $2.60
Organza Sashes $0.50
Satin Silk Sashes $0.65
*Pillowcase Chair Covers $ 3.00
Exclusive Overlays $ 14.00
Spandex Chair Covers $ 4.00
Organza Sashes without Chair Covers $1.00
Satin Silk Sashes without Chair Covers $1.00
Organza Overlays$10.00
Satin Runners$7.00
*Lifetime Folding Chair Covers $ 3.00
Charger Plates $ 1.00
Organza Sashes $ 2.00
Polyester Chair Covers $ 7.00
Satin Silk Chair Covers $ 7.50
Satin Silk Sashes $ 2.25
Polyester Napkins$1.00
Satin Napkins$2.00
Organza Overlays$14.00
Satin Runners$12.00
Sample Kit $15.00

Hawaii Rental:
Polyester Chair Cover$2.30
Satin Chair Cover$3.00
Spandex Chair Cover$5.00
Organza Sash$0.70
Satin Sash$1.00
Organza Sash without Chair Covers$1.00
Satin Sash without Chair Covers$1.30
Polyester Tablecloth 120" Round$17.00
Polyester Tablecloth 75" Square$10.00
Polyester Tablecloth 90"x156" Rect$18.00
Exclusive Tablecloth 90"x156" Rect (Crush, Damask, Pintuck, Satin, Spiral)$25.00
Exclusive Tablecloth 120" Round (Crush, Damask, Pintuck, Satin, Spiral)$25.00
Exclusive Tablecloth 132" Round (Crush, Damask, Pintuck, Satin, Spiral)$28.00
Exclusive Runner$14.00
UplightingStarting at $350
Organza Overlays$12.00
Satin Overlays$14.00
Exclusive Overlays$18.00
Satin Runners$10.00
Polyester Napkins$0.80
Satin Napkins$1.00


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