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live body customer service

I was extremely pleased with the quality of service I received from Chaircover Express. There was a “live” body to speak with when I had questions. This is becoming a rarity in business today. The items that I ordered were beautiful, they arrived right on time and billing issues were none existent. They have become [...]

getting it right in MA

Chaircover Express was great to work with. I ordered the chair cover and sashes from Ma and needed them shipped here. They staff worked with me to get the right color and right size they even send you a sample to make sure it fits and is the right color. They call you several times [...]

Choosing a Vendor soon

First of all, we want to wish everyone a very HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR in 2011! When planning your special event there is a lot to consider. Where the event will be (location in terms of:  city/state,  indoors or outdoors, formal or informal), how many people to invite (children or no children or age of [...]

Do I need Chair Covers for My Wedding?

“To be or not to be….” For decades now, people have gone back and forth, on whether or not, there’s a real need to dress up a room (tables and chairs included) for their special event. But let me ask you this, which scene would you like to attend? –insert (before/after) picture here— As you [...]