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Dont’ go cheap on linens and getting extra help on your wedding day

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  • Posted on September 21, 2012

When I was initially looking at different vendors to provide linens for my wedding I shyed away from CCE because of the bad reviews on Yelp. I had a couple of consultations with other people, but I just never felt like I found the right company. So, against my better judgement, I set up a consultation with them and then was so impressed that I immediately put down a deposit for their services later that day. This is one of the rare times that I’m actually glad that I did not listen to the other reviews. Don’t get me wrong, I know that no company is without its bad days, but in my case, they were having an amazing day the whole year I was working with them!

What made me choose CCE was their variety in linens and the price. Because they are a national company their prices are slightly cheaper than the vendors that are just strictly in Hawaii. Since I wanted black tablecloths I was also looking for different types of textures and CCE provided me with many different options. They also work with an outside company that does uplighting and for the whole room it was only $300 (which at other places would have been minimum $500) and because they were running a promotion I got a discount (who doesn’t like a good deal!). This just seemed like the best possible company for me to go with.

Karen and the staff at CCE were always very prompt in emailing me back and even when I kept adding last minute chair covers and a few extra table cloths they were still very accomodating. From reading past reviews one of the Yelpers said to make sure everything was documented and to make sure they know exactly what you ordered and it is set up exactly how you wanted it to on the day (which I think is always best to do with any company) so when I would follow up with them I would attach pictures to my emails and I was as detailed as possible. Well, it worked! Because on the day the place was perfect! I snuck into the ballroom before any of the guests got to go in and I was just in awe. They got EVERYTHING correct and it was the most gorgeous ballroom I’ve ever seen! I got so many compliments from my guests and to this day, I’m just so thankful that I went with them.

One pointer, if you want things to be exactly how you envisioned don’t go cheap and say you’ll set up and break down the linens. It’s like $75 extra– just let them do it to avoid any problems! In the end, it will be less of a headache and, besides, don’t you want to just enjoy your day?

~ Inthira M. (event 3/10/12)


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